The Importance of Building an Email List for Your Business

Topic: The Importance of Being Affiliated with The Hub

– Being at The Hub signifies leadership qualities

– Being present at the hub is a sign of leadership potential

– Leadership qualities may be found within oneself

Topic: The Creation of The Hub

– The podcast is called ”The Hub”

– The intention behind creating ”The Hub” is to bring people together who have a common goal of self-improvement

– The ultimate goal is to become better than what they were before

Topic: The Importance of Building an Email List

– Having an email list enables direct communication with the audience

– Building relationships through email leads to increased engagement and sales

– An email marketing platform is required to manage the email list and design newsletters

– MailChimp, Send In, Blue, and ConvertKit are suggested email marketing platforms

Topic: How to Effectively Manage an Email List

– Everyone on the email list must be talked to differently based on their interaction with the business

– Repeated follow-ups are key to getting referrals and making customers feel heard

Topic: Tips for Building a Successful Email List

– Opening a ConvertKit account is suggested

– Creating an email flow with a daily or weekly email blast is recommended once someone subscribes to the list

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