Attracting Customers vs. Chasing Them – The HUB Brew's Next Episode

Based on the information provided, here is the sequence of topics covered in this episode:

1. Leadership qualities and being affiliated with ”The HUB”
– Affiliation with ”The HUB” is considered a sign of being a leader
– Simply showing up in a room indicates that an individual possesses leadership qualities
– The speaker makes assumptions about the inner selves of the listeners

2. The purpose of ”The HUB”
– ”The HUB” was created to bring together like-minded people who have a common goal
– The common goal is to become better than they were before

3. Importance of marketing for growing a business
– Creating great products and providing excellent customer service is not enough to grow a business
– Many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle with marketing and advertising
– A marketing system that works around the clock is essential for success

4. Solutions for businesses struggling with marketing
– The podcast offers solutions for businesses struggling with marketing, regardless of whether they have an existing system or not

5. Focus of the next episode
– The next episode will focus on how to attract customers instead of chasing them.

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