Welcome to The HUB Brew, where ambition meets transformation. We are not just another newsletter – we are a catalyst for elevating lives and businesses. Our mission is to equip you with the tools, strategies, and insights needed to conquer the digital landscape and achieve modern-day success.
The HUB Brew is a free weekly newsletter created to help ambitious individuals elevate their lives and businesses.
Subscribers receive actionable tips, insights, and strategies every Saturday at 8 am to succeed in the digital landscape.
We provide valuable resources, business frameworks, tools, and guidance for modern success.
Our founder, Joel Castillo, has a compelling story. After a successful career in digital marketing and podcast production, Joel faced the loss of his wife, Diana. This led him to reassess his priorities and focus on raising their daughter, Gianna.
Joel founded The HUB as a resource center for aspiring marketers and entrepreneurs. Despite the pandemic’s impact, Joel remained resilient, homeschooling Gianna while working in marketing roles.
Now, The HUB Brew Newsletter delivers exclusive marketing, advertising, and business tips straight to subscribers’ inboxes every Saturday. Joel also shares life and business strategies on a daily podcast.
For a deeper experience, The HUB U offers a 30-day accelerator program designed to help small business owners and digital creators thrive. Our goal is to empower 10,000 members to achieve success by 2025. Join The HUB Brew community today and start your journey toward freedom, flexibility, and success in life and business.

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